Toddler Halloween Party Ideas

Last year I threw a Halloween party for Emily and a few of our friends. Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year – I have my inner goth to thank for that – most of our decor year-round has a gothic Halloween feel to it. As much as I like throwing a themed party, I’m all about minimal fuss and minimal expense, so I thought I’d share some of my pictures and party ideas with you in case they’re useful for anything you’re planning for Halloween.

he said First up – decking the halls with ghoulish apparel

I got all the decorations at Home Bargains, Asda and Poundland. In total I didn’t spend more than £20 creating a Halloween vibe throughout the downstairs of the house, and this included balloons, cobwebs, garlands, ceiling hangers, pumpkins, lanterns and skulls. I didn’t go crazy with the decorations, but it’s enough of a gesture to theme the party.

buy strattera Looking the part

I bought ‘mummy daughter matching dresses’ from Want That Trend, it cost around £35 for the two dresses and for something that’s pulled out of the wardrobe once a year, the quality is fine. I bought a 50p witches’ hat and a £2.99 witches’ headband and broomstick to finish off the look.

order prednisone Fast and frightening finger food

I kept the cost down by catering hotdogs and buffet food, including newly-weaned toddler finger foods. Where possible, I tried to stick to the spooky theme…

 Keeping the little monsters entertained

I laid out a craft table with paints, paper and spooky cookie cutter plastic shapes for the toddlers to make halloween cards to take home with them. For the littler ones, I made a series of ‘slimy, gooey sensory bags’ that I stuck to the windows / play table for them to get to grips with. I made these using green hair gel, glitter, and added things like google eyes and plastic spiders. All the kids loved having a good squeeze of these (me too truth be told)!

It was such a fun party, and great to see all the littlies dressed up and enjoying themselves. Not bad for a party that cost under £100 all-in.

Hope a few of these ideas give you a helping hand ahead of your party. Let me know if you use any of them and how you get on – I’d love to see your Halloween party pictures too!

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