The ‘Grape Alarm’

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buy prednisone online canada Emily’s speech has come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. She’s repeating everything she hears and trying out little sentences like ‘hear you go’, ‘drink all gone’ and ‘I love you’. It’s so adorable to hear her try out new words and even her mispronounciations are unbelievably cute. Most of the time. Other times…not so much. The other day we we’re in a cafe for lunch and as I was rummaging in Emily’s snack-bag she started screaming ‘RAPE! RAPE! RAAAAAAAAAPE!’ at the top of her voice.

I gave an apologetic look to the worried old couple next to me as I sheepishly retrieved the ‘grapes’ from the lunchbox. No matter how many times I corrected Emily by saying ‘ggggrape, gggrape’, she just shouted ‘rape’ back at me, louder and louder each time.

Not the sort of thing  you want hear being yelled whilst you’re trying to enjoy a latte and a slice of sponge. At least when she calls the ‘vacuum’ the ‘fuck-youm’, she’s doing it in the privacy of our house.

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