Monday 22nd May 2017ĹžovĂˠWriting anything in the aftermath of a terrorist attack feels somewhat meaningless and inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. But when you write exclusively about being a parent, the fact the attack mercilessly targeted children and young people makes me feel compelled, like many others, to speak out with a message of love and support. This was an attack directed at our young people. Our children. And it could easily have been any of our own kids that were senselessly taken. This has shaken me to the core, and I can’t even comprehend the all-encompassing grief that now engulfs the parents, families and friends of those impacted.

buy Lyrica tablets uk I am shocked. I am sickened. I am aching inside. But I will not hate. And I will not be afraid. I will hug my daughter tight and I will make sure she knows that love is a far stronger emotion than hate. Love will always prevail, and even in dark moments like this, we can find strength in our love for each other.

2 thoughts on “Monday 22nd May 2017

  1. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you and all my U.K. friends. It is certainly senseless, and terrifying when awful things like this happen so close to home. I understand.

    1. Thank you. It’s awful when something like this happens anywhere, but when it’s somewhere you go regularly it makes it kind of more real, if that makes sense. Still, love will always conquer hate, and seeing how the community has rallied round in the aftermath has been incredible. So many good people out there, far more than there are bad.

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