I have invented a new work-out for parents – ‘Baby Gate Gymnastics’


http://hdurivage.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://hdurivage.com/galleries/ Fucking baby-proofing. I’m sorry for the Big Swear but I needed to get that off my chest. I feel like I’m a prisoner in my own home. I’d open a bottle of vodka to calm my nerves but it’s bloody locked in a cupboard behind a sophisticated and incredibly fiddly child lock, and I can’t be bothered with the faff.

source site The truth is, the baby is no longer really a baby at all. In fact, she appears to be a toddler-come-amateur-parkour enthusiast. Today I found her precariously balanced on the top of our fire guard which, ironically, we installed to keep her safe from the fire. I’m contemplating the need for a fireguard-guard.

With her gymnastics skills reaching new heights – literally – my husband and I have set about barricading sections of the house into ‘baby-safe zones’. With the introduction of baby gates seemingly everywhere, it’s currently easier to escape from Belmarsh Prison than it is our living room.

The weekend that we installed the gates culminated in a text-book passive-aggressive argument between me and my husband. He was sick to death of me nagging him about it, and when I asked through gritted teeth for the twentieth time how much longer he would be putting them in place, I got the ultimate tradesman’s spiel in return; “Look love, it’ll take as long as it takes, OK?”

The one-size-fits-all stair gate turned out to be a one-size-fits-most-but-for-some-inexplicable-reason-not-my-stairway-gate. These contraptions seem to have been invented less for the safety of a toddler, and more as some sort of cruel aptitude test for new parents.

Now with the gates and locks finally all fully installed, getting around our house is like an automatic lock-in game on the Crystal Maze. As I’m trying to navigate my way through two separate gates and a flight of stairs from the living room to the bedroom with a sleeping toddler, I half expect a leopard-print-clad Richard O’Brien to be loitering in the hallway with a sand timer, playing the harmonica.

It takes all the agility and cunning of Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment to successfully make it to one side of my house from the other without tripping up, setting off an alarm, or having to fumble with a stubborn child lock.

This has led me to seriously consider setting up a post-natal exercise and mental aptitude training session, involving installing and then hurdling baby gates and opening a series of child locks with a pinky finger, all whilst holding a 15-pound sack of flour. Think a ‘buggy run’ will get your heart racing? Try child-proofing and then moving around your home with your partner without totally losing your shit at each other. I’m thinking of selling this idea to Joe Wicks or Davina McCall. I think I’d make a killing.


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4 thoughts on “I have invented a new work-out for parents – ‘Baby Gate Gymnastics’

    1. Ha ha! Thanks for giving it a read! When the baby is too old for all this stuff I’m gonna have a ceremonial burning on a pyre of all the baby proofing equipment!! 😉 xxx

  1. Ha this is brilliant! I remember fitting a lock on my daughters wardrobe doors (because she was obviously going to open them, climb in and topple them over or something), and not being able to get the bloody things open to get her dressed the next day because I put them too close to the top of the wardrobe edge! Nightmare!

    Thanks for linking up this week #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. Thanks for giving it a read! After ‘baby-proofing’ the whole house, I turned my back for one second whilst in the park with the baby today and she managed to eat dirt. But at least the TV won’t fall on her!!
      Really enjoyed reading the #fortheloveofBLOG posts this week!

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