Gok Wan Fashion Brunch Club


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Lordy, it’s been a looong week. The toddler is staunchly sticking to her ‘sleep is for wimps’ mantra at night, and she’s pushing boundaries and all of my buttons during the day. It’s weeks like this that I’m so grateful to have something to look forward to come Saturday, and this weekend, I’m extra buzzed by what I have planned.

amitriptyline buy After a mini (and much-needed) pamper-sesh, I’m heading to Gok Wan’s Fashion Brunch Club in at the Country House Hotel, Cardiff.

The one thing I’ve always thought that most fashion events miss is a bloody good brunch. My two loves are finally being united and I get to fill my boots in both respects this weekend. Country House Hotel catered my wedding, so I’m super excited to try their food again. As an added bonus, I’ve always loved Gok and Fashion Fix was a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine for ages. I still live by the mantra ‘zhoosh it up with a statement bag’. Plus he looks like he gives a really nice hug.

A morning of unadulterated fashion, frivolity and fun is just what the doctor ordered after being hit in the face with a Teletubby at least thirty times in the last week. Apparently, the event includes a catwalk show, a ‘dress for your body-type’ talk and a Q&A with Gok – which might be my chance to see if I can prove my theory that he’s a good hugger by asking him at this point. Either that or I’ll be politely escorted out of the building.

If, like me, you’ve had a tiring few weeks and you’re in need of some time away from the kids, this could be just the thing for you. Tickets are available here for Cardiff, Leeds, Worcester, Northumberland, Nottingham & Sheffield.

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