Five Christmas gifts for kids that are woke AF

Empowering and life-affirming gifts are not just for adults. Take the opportunity this Christmas to continue your children’s emotional, cultural and intersectional understanding with one or two of these incredible gifts for little ones. Stay woke, kids! End Gender Norms jumper from Bloody Nora Pam

This jumper comes in black in ages three up to 11 and costs £16. There’s no better way to ensure kids understand the restrictions of traditional gender norms by offering them a choice and allowing them to wear whatever they want. This gender-neutral jumper is a must-have for any parent that rejects the tired ‘pink and blue’ trope. Get it here.

go to link Recycling truck from Green Toys

Recycled milk jugs are the primary component in all of the Green Toys products. The plastic is collected by waste management, cleaned, shredded into flakes, reprocessed into a raw material and mixed with food-safe, mineral-based colouring. By using recycled plastic, they divert materials from landfills, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. This recycling truck is the embodiment of close-looped play and is a great way to introduce the idea of recycling to your little ones. Reduce, re-use, re-cycle, Rihanna! Representative dolls from Diverse Dolls 4 All

Ever been disappointed by a total whitewash of the dolls in the toy store? Representation is such an important part of each child feeling accepted and self-assured and playing with dolls that represent a variety of ethnicities is the first step you can take to ensure your children understand the multi-cultural world around them. Diverse Dolls 4 All also specialise in multi-cultural learning aids to help enable children to learn about difference and diversity.

A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara

A quick search online will bring up a plethora of socially-conscious kids’ books, specialising in feminism, LGBT+ issues, race and gender. ‘A is For Activist’ by Innosanto Nagara is a fantastic first step in introducing your children to activism and the idea of fighting for what you believe is right. Huge messages on every page to inspire hope for the future! 

Supporting a young girl in India

It might be hard to explain an intangible gift like this to your child while they are little, but a long-lasting commitment to sponsoring a child in need of basic aid could be life-changing for the two of them. The Invisible Girl Project enables you to sponsor a young girl in India who has previously been at risk of being killed, abandoned or trafficked.

Although they will grow up thousands of miles away your youngster will grow up alongside your sponsored young girl, and over the years your child can follow their progress closely through letters and updates. Although it may not seem like a gift to them, they will grow up with a deeper understanding of life in a completely different culture. At the very least, it will help them empathise and appreciate all the other toys and comforts they have in life – even if that empathy only lasts for a few minutes at a time!

Do you have any gifts on your wish-list for your kids that you hope will empower and inspire them? Let me know in the comments below!



One thought on “Five Christmas gifts for kids that are woke AF

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these gift ideas! We do a charity shop Christmas stocking for gifts every year whereby everything has to come from a charity shop to be a gift! Last year Sam was too young to really get it and participate but this year he’s been merrily pulling things from shelves in charity shops across Sussex!!!

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