First Trimester Must-Haves:

Having finally come out the other side of the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, I’ve collated a list of a few essentials that made my life a whole lot easier.

  1. Kool N’ Soothe Migraine Patches

My biggest ailment in the first three months of pregnancy was the almost constant headaches and migraines. As my usual migraine meds are off the table now, I’ve been searching for anything to help ease the pain when a paracetamol doesn’t scratch the surface. These patches are quick and easy to whack on your forehead and do provide some temporary relief to a throbbing head. Nothing has come close to actually eliminating the pain, but these do help. Short of performing the medieval procedure of drilling a hole in my skull to alleviate the pressure, these will do until I pop the baby out.

  1. L’Occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist

One of the cruel ironies of early pregnancy is that although you spend most of the day like a semi-conscious walking cadaver, it can still be really tricky to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve found this essential oils pillow mist to be quite calming. It smells gorgeous which makes me relish getting my head down every night.

  1. FrezyDerm foam facewash

Hormones can be a cruel, cruel mistress when you’re pregnant and I’ve found I’m more prone to spots and break-outs than I usually am. As bad as it sounds I don’t normally use a facewash, but when your skin suddenly explodes with lumps and bumps, needs most definitely must! I’ve found this foam facewash by FrezyDerm to be just what I need to reduce redness and clear up blemishes quickly… and it smells great too!

  1. Benefit Boi-ing under-eye concealer

When your under-eye bags are darker than the pits of hell, you’re gonna need a concealer that won’t quit. This stuff by Benefit has been the best concealer I’ve come across. It’s not too heavy so it doesn’t sit in my wrinkles and it’s brilliantly brightening. Essential when you’ve clocked 10 hours sleep over the course of three days.

  1. Decaf Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea is the best tea on the market hands-down, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees with me. Cutting back on caffeine has been brutal over the past few months, but the fact that this decaffeinated blend tastes almost as good as the real McCoy has meant I can still enjoy a brew after dinner like the 60 year old that I am.

  1. ‘Bedside table’ Doritos

As much as it would annoy my husband to hear me crunch through a few tortilla chips in the middle of the night, I found this was the best way to keep the middle-of-the-night queasiness at bay. They’re plain enough not to upset my stomach more, and they’re substantial enough to fill me up and stop the nausea. Plus who doesn’t love the excuse of 24-hour snacking on crisps?

  1. Pregnacare

Because salty chips have been my ‘plat-du-jour’ for the last three months, I’ve been taking a multi-vit every evening to make up for the astounding lack of nutrients elsewhere in my diet. It’s not a substitute for proper fruit and veg, but when you’d rather pull your eyelashes out than force-feed yourself some broccoli in those early days of pregnancy, a pill of relative nutrients becomes essential. I bought mine on Amazon as they were generally cheaper than in the supermarkets or pharmacies.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy box sets

Me-time and self-care is so hugely important when you’re expecting, especially if you’re a busy person or you already have little kids to look after. Whatever it is that helps to centre you – whether it’s a pamper sesh, meditation, or like me, TV and sofa time – you need to make an effort to ensure you do this from time to time to keep your sanity. Nothing makes me forget about my anxiety more than an hour of McDreamy. I’d let him give me a thorough examination any day of the week!

2 thoughts on “First Trimester Must-Haves:

  1. Mine were mini cheddars (also a must have for trimesters two and three) and a plastic bag nearby at all times, for impromptu vomiting.

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