Emily’s 2nd Birthday Mad Hatter’s Tea Party…On a Budget

differin gel prescription preserve I love nothing better than throwing a party with a good theme, and Emily’s second birthday provided us with a chance to push the boat out and do something really fun. But what I’m most proud of is that I didn’t spend more than £40 on costumes and decorations.

promote aldara cream cost Emily loves Alice in Wonderland, and it’s a fun theme with lots of possibilities. Here are a few photos from the day.

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I used a mixture of bought and home-made decorations. The ready made ones came from amazon, you can get them here. To save money, I made some playing card garlands to hang in the windows, and baked home-made ‘Queen of Hearts’ jam tarts.

I also made my own party bags using cheap white paper bags decorated with red heart stickers. All the party bag contents, including colouring books, bubbles, chocolates and sweets, came from the pound shop – I didn’t spend more than £1.50 per bag!

I kept costs down with the buffet wherever possible, so instead of buying an M&S sandwich platter as I initially intended, I made them myself with bought sandwich filling. Again, I went for an Asda rainbow sponge cake as it was only £12 – but it looked pretty impressive! In total, I didn’t spend more than £40 on all food for around 25 guests.

It was a fantastic day, the decor was just enough and not too OTT…unlike my husband’s costume – he went full on Mad Hatter!

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