Dude, where’s my drive?

follow site It’s been a strange few days. I’ve lost motivation with my writing and a few blog opportunities that would have been huge for me, have fallen flat. It’s left me feeling really de-motivated. Blogging and writing as your primary occupation can be tough. There’s often little to no pay, you rely solely on your drive and your ability to be self-starting, and on top of that I have a house and a demented toddler to take care of.

http://faithfamilyandtechnology.com/random-thoughts/give-farmers-a-break/ I sat in front of my laptop last week and cried. I have always loved writing and for the first time I couldn’t bring myself to touch the keyboard. I just didn’t want to stare at the screen for another second.

Gabapentin to buy uk The problem with being in a funk when you’re writing is that the more you stress about it, the more of an issue it becomes. I started questioning everything. Why am I doing this? Why the hell did I give up my 9-5? I’m plugging away at this for nothing etc. etc.

The best remedy? I shut the laptop lid and walked away. As hard as it was initially, I tried not to give it a second thought. I started a new TV show (Big Little Lies is, BTW, insanely awesome), and I read. A lot. I hung out with my family and friends and I recharged by brain-batteries, or rather, let them soak in gin to revive them.

Eventually, new ideas and new creative avenues began to open up in my mind, and I began to miss tap-tapping away on my laptop. This morning, after the Easter holiday and a real break from anything work or blog-related, I came back to my desk (in a local café. Their coffee is WAY better than the shite at mine), and felt refreshed and ready to slay some copy and boss some words.

Time away is like a big, sugary spoon of work-funk medicine. Yes, some of my issues are unresolved, but I now feel like I have the brain-power and the determination to face them head-on.

The flat-white has started to kick in. So bring it, I’m ready.

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