The Gender-Equal Fashion Revolution

What’s it all about then?

Welcome to #DressDownFriday! This fast-growing online movement aims to level the playing-field for boys and girls by banishing gender-stereotypical outfits – for one day each week – on a Friday.

Ideas that children form about gender stay with them into their adult lives. Children aren’t born with these ideas; they learn them from the world around them. If children are surrounded by regressive representations of their gender from birth, it can limit aspiration and perpetuate on-going negative stereotypes.

The #DressDownFriday campaign isn’t anti-pink and blue, or anti-dresses. It’s simply a means by which parents can make a commitment on one day each week to dress their children in something that will help to promote variety and equality.

By ‘dropping the dress’ on a Friday we can demonstrate to our children, and the world around us, that gender stereotypes are pointless and unnecessary.

How you can support

Once a week on a Friday, simply opt for clothes for your children that don’t conform to ‘typical’ gender norms. This could be a complete gender-neutral outfit, or as simple as leaving the pink and the blue in the wardrobe until the weekend.

The more people that support the campaign, the more normalised and accepted this behaviour will become. And who knows? Maybe supermarkets and high street retailers won’t feel the need or the demand to make shirts like this…

…or this…



Making it social

To help spread the #DressDownFriday social message, we encourage parents and carers to share images of their little ones in their ‘Friday Threads’ on social media using the campaign hashtag, #DressDownFriday.

Most importantly, pictures submitted via the Musing Mum social media channels are added to the ‘Dress Down Friday Fashionistas’, the community collage of all #DressDownFriday participants from all over the world. Simply tag Musing Mum in your pics on social media, or post your picture in the comments below to be featured.

Want to support further?

As well as taking part in #DressDownFriday, why not engage in debates and conversations around children and gender with your friends and family? If you see a particularly disappointing perpetuation of gender stereotypes in the media, in toys shops or on the high street, why not share it with us via the comments section below? We can endeavour to make contact with them to engage in a dialogue on the subject and potentially change a few attitudes along the way.

I’m a retailer. How do I support #DressDownFriday?

Demonstrating your support as a retailer for #DressDownFriday is a fantastic way of showing your customers that you support equality and equal opportunity for all children from birth. You can download the campaign badge that can be displayed on your website as an easily-identifiable symbol of your commitment to tackling our society’s fixation with defining girls and boys within ridged gender boundaries.

You can also sign our pledge to show your support. All retailers that pledge to back the campaign are displayed on this page. This way, parents can find the best places to buy clothes for their children that aren’t defined by outdated gender-norms.

Want to be blog buddies?

We would also like to encourage bloggers, journalists and organisations to display the #DressDownFriday badge on their own pages to show their backing and to help spread the campaign message!

Want to know why I started all of this?

Read my blog post here on the origins of the #DressDownFriday campaign.