#DressDownFriday Competition with The Green Flamingo, Co.!

The #DressDownFriday campaign has been running for 10 weeks now, and I’m so thrilled that it’s struck a chord with so many parents, all around the world.

After a successful first competition with Zac & Bella, I’m really excited that The Green Flamingo, Co. will be offering a prize for another lucky ‘Friday Fashionista’.

The Green Flamingo, Co. specialise in cool, gender-neutral designs and colours for their t-shirts and onesies. Over the next month, anyone who posts a picture in support of #DressDownFriday will be entered into the draw (just make sure you like both of our pages on either Facebook or Instagram).

The winner will get their choice of size and colour of this super-fun shirt, below. Not a bad deal for simply helping to tackle gender stereotypes, eh!?!

The Green Flamingo, Co. was set up by Jenilee & Jessica, two enterprising mamas, originally from Massachusetts. I’m always keen to support and champion innovative and impressive mothers, so I asked co-owner Jessica a few questions about how they went from friends to parents to business-owners.

go Where did you two meet?

Jennilee and I have been best friends for over 20 years. We grew up in the same town in Massachusetts.  In addition to our friendship, we also were cheerleaders together through middle school, high school, and some of college. We have been friends through all of life’s ups and downs, marriage, children, moves, joy and sorrow.  We feel very lucky to know we have each other’s backs, always.

http://aufsteller24.net/pma/index.php Tell us about your families…

Jennilee and her husband have two boys, Lyndon is almost six years old and Sawyer is almost four. My husband and I have four kiddos, Alexis is fourteen, Ally is twelve, Jax is four, and Makena is two. We currently live in Austin, Texas.

source site What made you two want to set up a kids’ clothing brand with an emphasis on gender-neutrality?

While on our yearly weekend getaway to Martha’s Vineyard (off the coast of Cape Cod) last year, Jennilee and I went searching for a flamingo t-shirt for her son Lyndon’s birthday gift.  Flamingos were and still are Lyndon’s favourite animal.  We could not find a single one made for a boy.  And although Jennilee has no issue with putting her son in pink, the shirts were specifically geared towards girls, with ruffles and glitter.

We decided right then that we should make one for him!  We thought it was so unfair that this little guy couldn’t wear his favourite animal simply because mainstream clothing companies thought that it was “girly”.

From here, The Green Flamingo, Co. was born!  Providing children and adults with designs that either gender can wear proudly and without judgment has become our mission.

What is your design process?

We both hand draw our designs and then digitize the images. They are then printed just for the customer who ordered it.  We offer many sizes and a rainbow of colours so that ANY child and/or adult can find exactly what they like.  There is no pink just for girls or blue just for boys at The Green Flamingo, Co.  We create designs that encourage each and every person to express themselves exactly as they see fit.

adalat gits 30 mg Why have you chosen to support the #DressDownFriday campaign?

When we came across the #DressDownFriday campaign we were thrilled! Not only because this is exactly what our company is about but also because it is taking a step forward to get the word out about how limiting and ridged, gender stereotypes can be.  Bringing attention to the fact that children should be children, not just boys, and girls, is vitally important to them growing up with respect and non-judgment for one another. Differences between the genders starts young and in our opinion, starts with their clothes. We are overjoyed to be a part of a mission to tackle this!

2 thoughts on “#DressDownFriday Competition with The Green Flamingo, Co.!

    1. Thank you for your support! The campaign is nothing without awesome parents taking up the challenge of defying gender stereotypes to set an example to their kids. I’m so pleased that people support it and that I get a chance to talk about some seriously talented parents and the businesses they have set up since having children. The Green Flamingo, Co. is a perfect example! x

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