American Presidential Election Results – breaking the news to kids

On Wednesday morning I sat little Sausage on my lap to watch Trump’s first speech to the world following the election results announcement. I said to her:

‘See that man? You’re gonna spend half your life having to explain yourself and justify yourself to men like him. But you are stronger than you know. Your self-worth will scare men like him, but always know that you can do anything and be anyone you want to be. And then one day, you’ll find that men like that one talking on TV will become more and more insignificant. And then hopefully one day you’ll sit your own daughter on your lap and point to the TV and say, ‘see that woman? I fought hard and spoke out when all seemed lost, so that she could become the leader of the free world.’

Our work is just beginning, baby girl. But trust me – it will all be worth it.

How did you speak to your kids about the election results?

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