A Stretch Marks Poem

The journey my body is taking to bring you here is etched onto my skin.

Thousands of tiny meandering roads, deepening, widening as you grow inside my womb.

I trace them with my fingers, hoping you can feel it tickling as I track the paths you and I are making together. We are trail-blazers.

Some people have a face that’s a map of the world. My body is a map of my world. Each new line has a story to tell; the growth of your spine, the lengthening of your leg. Every day you grow, more details of my world are forever defined.

The journey hasn’t always been smooth, and the little lines remind me of that – nothing is perfect, things don’t always go to plan.

I touched the outline of the little silver stream running by my navel when I thought I was losing you. Tracing the snaking current over the curve of my stomach with my finger, hoping this stream would have more time to grow, to surge with life.

The lines we have made together on my body will continue to change; just like you.

I will never recoil when I look at the map we made on my body. Each tiny road, each winding silver stream, brought me to you.

4 thoughts on “A Stretch Marks Poem

  1. Charlotte this is beautiful. Pregnancy, labour and being a mum has made me feel so differently about my body, I feel stronger and in awe of what I am capable of. To grow and feed a brand new person helped me to be grateful for what my body can do rather than worrying about what it looks like and which bits I’d like to be smaller or bigger. I once read that in Japan they repair broken objects with gold so the flaw is made into something beautiful as it represents its history and journey- just like those stretch marks.

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I’m trying to embrace every flaw and learn to love it for what it is; a representation of what my body has achieved and produced. I read somewhere that a tattoo artist who really embraced this Japanese philosophy offers to tattoo over women’s stretch marks in gold! x

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