20 Weeks & Counting: What I’ve Learned So Far…

We’ve just come back from our 20 week scan and I’m relieved to say everything is A-OK with the baby.

Now that we’re successfully half way though this baby-cooking journey, it’s made me reflect on the first few months of pregnancy, and I thought I’d share some of these ponderings with you.

First off, it seems to be the cruellest irony of pregnancy that at a time when you’re feeling your worst – physically and mentally – in the first few weeks after finding out you’re pregnant, you have to do your utmost to hide your pregnancy from the world. Let’s take a minute to applaud all those mamas out there who have successfully made it through their first trimester whilst balancing a career, parenting, and general day to day life – without so much as a groan or a whimper to give the game away. It is fucking rough to have to ‘carry on as normal’ when you feel like you’ve got a perma-hangover and even the thought of putting your toothbrush in your mouth makes you gag. Mamas, we don’t get enough praise for making it through the first few weeks, so give yourselves a great big pat-on-the-tits for that.

Secondly, upon reaching 12 weeks of pregnancy, I seem to be carrying my baby weight-gain entirely around the bottom half of my face. Everything I’m eating is apparently not providing nutrients and sustenance to the baby, it’s instead working its way to my jawline and pillowing out my neck and chin. Having a ‘neat bump’ is the last thing on my mind when my chin is nearly resting on the top of my tits.

Finally, I’ve noticed how different things are when you’re pregnant for a second time. First off, people don’t give as much of a shit that you’re expecting. You’re already a parent, having another kid just makes you even less likely to make it to hen dos and after work drinks, so people just assume they’re going to see even less of you than they do now. Added to that, you spend less time obsessing over the pregnancy than you did the first time round, mainly because you’re too busy trying to constantly put socks on a toddler to worry about ‘what fruit’ your baby measures up to that week. Attending to a two year-old who is more demanding than Mariah Carey at her birthday party has meant that the first half of this pregnancy has flown by.

The aim of the game now is to continue to grow a healthy human inside of me, to find time to ‘bond’ with the baby and relax into the pregnancy, all the while looking after a feral toddler, preparing for an impending house renovation and finding a few hours in the day to actually do some work. Simple.

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